This page provides links to articles and papers on topics related to teleologica's service portfolio (click on the title to open the article).

Information Systems Sourcing an extract from a paper  presenting a (carefully argued) response to an a Policy Paper on IS Sourcing by the States of Jersey published for discussion on the Digital Jersey website on 29th October 2013.

Making the Business Case. In this interview for PM Network magazine the purpose and content of the business case is discussed from a practitioner's perspective.

Business Transformation A more detailed briefing for those embarking on ambitious business transformation programmes with tips and suggestions from the field.

IT Enabled Improvement This article is based on material discusses how IT can be used as an enabler for more far reaching changes.  It particularly relates the opportunities to the challenges faced offshore

Changing Organisations This paper provides a three point plan for implementing major changes.  

Document Management This article looks at the business case for document management and provides independent, real world, estimates on the range and scale of benefits possible for professional service organisations.

Project Management A jargon free overview of project management best practice and methodology.

IT Strategy This paper provides a discussion on IS strategy, looks at typical approaches and makes some observations on their relevance to firms in the financial services sector.

Opportunities and Challenges  A brief discussion of the challenges presented by a major initiative and some factors to consider in assessing how to get the best result.

Technology - Bang for Your Buck An overview of some of the ways in which businesses are deploying established technologies to gain business advantage for a modest investment.

Securing Your Information Assets A non technical discussion of Information Security good practices drawing on BS7799 and emphasising the importance of practical, cost justified measures.

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