This page provides links to resources that may be of interest:

Dilbert Essential humour for changing organisations.

Cabinet Office Efficiency and Reform Group - developments in the UK public sector.

APQC A siteof interest to anyone concerned with enhancing organisational performance.  Material is available both to purchase and samples at no charge.

Boston Consulting Group and McKinsey Two sites to visit to stay abreast of what’s happening in the consulting world.

Gartner  A respected source of thinking on IT trends and opportunities, albeit most material must be purchased, some key messages reported as an enticement to buy. Comprehensive free on line glossary of IT jargon.

World Bank  OECD United Nations access a global perspective through these sites.  See the OECD information and communication technologies section for a balanced view of developments in IT (including e-Business) and globalisation.

Jersey Law - a repository of Jersey legislation.

Jersey Financial Services Commission  has material and news on the financial services regulatory matters.  See also Jersey Finance for financial services related information.

Datamation Extensive news and analysis from the world of IT.

ICAEW Useful site for developments in the financial world and 800+  links to sites of interest to business provided by the Institute Library.

Harvard Business Publishing A long established, influential well spring of ideas and insights in the management field.  Includes links and update services. Mostly to purchase.

ISACA  The Information Systems Audit and Controls Association provides an excellent source of best practices in the area of IS governance and control.  See especially the COBIT material.

Public Finance News coverage of public sector financial world.

Strategy & Business Topical material sponsored by Booz Allen & Hamilton.

International Association of Facilitators  some useful resources for facilitation.

Intellectual Property Office and Intellectual Property Helpdesk  UK and EU guidance on intellectual property.

Digital Jersey - promoting Jersey as a digital hub.

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