A common thread that links people across cultures and continents is the hope for a world where every person will flourish.  The world we inhabit falls far short of that dream at every level.  In the sphere of work to take the most relevant example we are all too aware that the mechanisms available have limited success in generating opportunities for fruitful living that take best advantage of capabilities and potential of each of us wherever we might be.  In short the efforts for which we are rewarded are a very unsatisfactory signalling mechanism for the areas where those efforts might to be directed in a better world.  Here at teleologica we seek to set apart a proportion of our work for activities that focus on what some term the common good.   In this section you will find examples of our not for profit activity over the years.

Vulture Funds. This note is a response to the  2011 States of Jersey consultation paper "Promotion of Debt Relief for Poorer Countries Green Paper" concerning the scope for so called "vulture funds" to obtain judgements through Jersey courts where those debts relate to heavily indebted poor countries.

Poverty in Jersey. What is the extent and nature of poverty in Jersey and how does it compare with other places? This paper discusses the issues and sets out some practical steps that can be taken to answer these questions

Housing and Poverty in Jersey. How far and in what ways does housing policy affect the level of deprivation in Jersey?  This paper discusses the issues and sets out some practical steps that can be taken to address the issues.

Hardship among Children and Young People in Jersey. What is the profile and extent of hardship among children and young people in Jersey?  This paper looks at the available evidence and  suggests practical actions that could help eliminate such hardships.  Appendix.

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