Since  2001 teams of talented and highly motivated individuals from teleologica have delivered business innovation and improvement working in partnership with our clients, often over the long term.  The fruits of those collaborations are showcased in our case studies.

A commitment to professionalism and high ethical standards underpin the services we deliver.  Those fundamental principles mean that team members working on teleologica projects:

  • behave with integrity in all professional and business relationships.  Integrity implies not merely honesty but fair dealing and truthfulness.
  • strive for objectivity in all professional and business judgements.  Objectivity is a state of mind which has regard to all the considerations relevant to the task in hand but no other.
  • do not accept or perform work which we are not competent to undertake unless we obtain such advice and assistance as will enable us to competently carry out the work.
  • carry out professional work with due skill care and diligence and expedition and with proper regard for the technical and professional standards expected.
  • behave with courtesy and consideration towards all with whom we come into contact with during the course of performing our work.

These values form an enabling framework in which businesses can flourish. Professional ethics are one aspect of a complex of shared values that provide the cohesive matrix for the business world that makes possible the working of what Adam Smith called the invisible hand.