Making Consumption Tax Digital

In 2008 Jersey introduced a consumption tax. The tax reform depended on technology to minimize administrative burden. CAESAR was developed by teleologica to provide a highly automated, paperless, e-customs system operating 24 / 7 and processing more than 10,000 consignments per week. Businesses securely submit and manage manifests and declarations and obtain real time information on detained goods. Members of the public make declarations through the public web front end. Customs officers are provided with sophisticated risk management and workflow tools to automatically control prohibited and restricted goods, identify potential revenue losses and implement intelligence led monitoring. Less than two percent of consignments require officer intervention.


“The development of this system was a significant project for the Department. Customs officers worked in partnership with teleologica to design CAESAR. As a result we were able to streamline many processes and reduce the level of manual processing so that officers will be able to focus more time on policing. Trade representatives have also warmly welcomed a new facility to enter declarations directly from their premises. We are confident that CAESAR forms a sound foundation that will serve us well in the coming years”