Making Customs Adminstration Digital in Guernsey

Guernsey Border Agency implemented a version of CAESAR, the customs administration system teleologica developed for Jersey, honed for Guernsey’s requirements.  Going live in the first quarter of 2015 this common platform across both jurisdictions provides added convenience for businesses importing goods into both jurisdictions.   Both administrations benefit from across the board synergies that this common platform provides from sharing of best practices to reduced operating costs.  The sophisticated risk screening engine in combination with the extensive workflow features provide Guernsey customs officers with a powerful toolkit in the performance of their functions.  Intuitive and helpful online declaration facilities for individuals speed up the clearance and delivery of goods resulting in fewer detained consignments and more efficient logistics for local agents.  Carriers can take advantage of GEMS integration features to obtain real time consignment status data.  As in Jersey electronic manifest processing can be completed before a ship docks in port.