Driver Testing for the 21st Century

Following on from the successful VRS project teleologica developed a touch screen based theory test system for Jersey in 2003.  Theory tests are generated from a large question bank with voice over assistance available in English and Portuguese.  The system provides the facility to weight questions by difficulty and to generate tests with an appropriate distribution of questions by topic and difficulty.  The test engine also prevents tests being generated with questions that are too similar to others.   A second generation of the system was implemented in Guernsey in 2011 that integrates with the driving licence system and online test booking service to provide a seamless service to those learning to drive.  The Isle of Man test booking and driving theory testing system followed in 2018. The second generation system incorporates hazard perception testing across al three jurisdictions.

teleologica has delivered an outstanding solution to our requirements that offers significant benefits over the alternatives at a substantially lower overall cost.