Making Guernsey Vehicle Administration Digital

A far reaching transformation has been unfolding at Guernsey’s Traffic Office.  The user experience at the premises has been revolutionised – moving from an impersonal counter style interaction to a one to one consultation experience in comfortable seating across a desk.  In the background robust and unified internal systems have been created by teleologica to pave the way for a digital by default future.  Working in partnership with the administration the business community and building on this platform teleologica has created a ground-breaking suite of online services for the next wave of transformation.  Individuals are able perform most routine tasks online.  More significantly vehicle registration processes has been fundamentally re-engineered.  Registration processes can take place at the point the transaction takes place (typically in the showroom).  The result is more efficient, faster and more convenient for the citizen, for business and for the administration.

Guernsey’s Vehicle Online Registration service was amongst the finalists for 2019 UK process innovation award which attracted more than one thousand public sector entries (across all award categories). Congratulations to the UK Passport Office project which beat VORTEX to walk away with the process innovation award at the ceremony on 11th July 2019.